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Hi, i'm Zek. I'm new here in Newgrounds

2015-12-27 08:56:03 by marsmallowman

Hi, i'm Zek. I'm new to this Newgrounds thing... Can anyone help me? 

I'm currently making some art and i may continue making it. But i don't have the right equipment.

I'm desperate to get flash. I'd suck DICKS or lick PUSSY just to get one.

This is just a post on how i feel about making my newgrounds account.

I'm desperate for fans too!

Farewell. :P 


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2015-12-27 10:34:14

Welcome to Newgrounds!It's nice to see a newcomer here.About your art,all I know is that you can submit it in Submit Yours! under the Arts Button(the pink button at the top of the page).And your flash,wow,it sounds urgent!Is it for school?All I can say to that is you're gonna need money and time(to get the money and learn how to make the program work) but hey,once you get enough experience,you'll have a bright future.I'm sure that someone more experienced than me can give you much better advice so don't take my word for it!Good luck and if you need anything,please feel free to ask!

I hope it isn't to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

marsmallowman responds:

Thanks. :D


2015-12-27 10:37:35

Welcome to Newgrounds marsmallowman!


2015-12-29 07:17:44

Looks like you got a fan. :P Welcome to NG Marsmallowman!

I guess you got Flash already btw? Or was that animation done with some other program?

marsmallowman responds:

T'was made with MS Paint and Movie Maker, i have no money.


2015-12-29 07:20:20

Oh, never mind that question, just read the animation description. If you want to try Flash: you can download any version and get a free 30 day trial. Rinse and repeat for each version, and you'll be able to keep going for free for quite some time! ;)

marsmallowman responds:

Oh wow...... One problem though, i don't know how to use flash. :P


2015-12-29 07:20:52

Course, there are ways to get things eternally free, but better not speak of those here...


2015-12-29 08:33:52

If you want to learn, there are plenty of tutorials here at NG: http://www.newgrounds.com/wiki/creator-resources/tutorials

...and forums if you have questions. :) Other useful sites:

marsmallowman responds:



2015-12-29 09:57:23

Hope that's enough to get you started? Good luck man!